I know that your business is what matters to you. It’s what matters to me as well. That’s why I’ve created a variety of ways by which we can work together: hourly rates, per project quotes, and fancy swimming-themed packages.

Hourly rates and per project quotes are the traditional method of doing things. That’s cool. I’m a fan of tradition.

Sometimes we become overwhelmed with a variety of tasks and it’s nice to have someone you can rely on any time you need them. Packages work like this: you need someone — but not all the time. You choose the package that works best for you and then contact me whenever you need me.

It’s like having an editor on staff without the hassle of fixed schedules, payroll, and awkwardly timed lunch breaks.

Big proposal deadline or quick question, I track how long I’ve spent on your project — right down to the minute — and then let you know when it’s time to “top up your account”.


Fancy Swimming-Themed Packages

(I like swimming)

The TipToer

Perhaps you’re one of those people who steps gently into the pool (or lake, or ocean). You don’t want to go too fast. You’re not ready to jump right in. That’s okay.  I get it. Sometimes this is the best way for us to get to know each other. I still track by the minute and charge accordingly.


The Wader

Five hours of The Communications Distillery time banked in and accessible any time you need it. This package is for people who want to test the waters and have a few projects on the go. It might work for you if you have questions during client correspondence and need someone by your side or if you’re going through a busy spell and need an extra pair of eyes. Either way, we’ll work it out together.

What might The Wader package include?

Five hours with The Communications Distillery can be applied to approximately 3 blog posts OR 1 three-page website OR proofreading and editing 1 small e-book. Actual rates may change dependent on project scope and content.

$325 (save 7%)

The Splasher

Seven hours of The Communications Distillery time. This is starting to move into the realm of commitment. Me, I like commitment. It took me a long time to acknowledge this but, now that I’m here, I love it. The Splasher is for the very small business owner, the Realtor who’s just getting their feet wet in the industry, the person who knows this relationship will work but doesn’t have a tonne of projects — yet.

What might The Splasher package include?

Seven hours with The Communications Distillery can be applied to approximately 5 blog posts OR 1 e-book with substantive editing and proofreading OR 1 multi-week e-class. Actual rates may change dependent on project scope and content.

$450 (save nearly 10%)

The Cannonballer

Ten hours of The Communications Distillery time. The Cannonballer Package allows you to rest easy knowing that, at any time at all, you can send something off to me and you won’t be receiving an invoice in return (or any time soon!). All you’ll get in your inbox are your sweet, delicious words with Distillery icing. Come on, take the plunge!

What might The Cannonballer include?

Ten hours with The Communications Distillery can be applied to the editing of 3 grant proposals OR 7 blog posts OR 1 large e-book with substantive editing, proofreading, and formatting OR 1 five-page website with custom About page OR a combination of two five-hour offerings. Actual rates may change dependent on project scope and content.

$600 (save 15%)

The Swan Diver

Thirty hours of The Communications Distillery time. You want a confidante, an ally, a friend, and someone who can edit your recent blog post/promotional material/application form. You have regular issues with punctuation and more questions than you can count. The Swan Diver isn’t afraid of commitment and thoroughly enjoys the savings that come with it. By easing the stress of invoicing and paperwork, The Swan Diver package keeps us focused on your words … and your greatness.

What might The Swan Diver include?

The thirty-hour package is specific for the overwhelmed entrepreneur with multiple tasks of various sizes. Clients can send The Communications Distillery projects of any size for perusal. Time will be adjusted according to project scope.

$1700 (nearly 20% savings!)

Sound good?  Get in touch.

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