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I recently had the great fortune to work with Firefly Creative Writing, one of my favourite writing resources in the city. Firefly is the brainchild of Chris Kay Fraser, a wordaholic who gently coaxes stories out of writers and (self-proclaimed) non-writers through retreats, classes, coaching, and kiss maps.

Her most recent e-class comes straight from the heart. This one is designed to address those pesky issues that hold us back from writing — Six Reasons for Six Weeks and I relate to at least five of them …


‘Six Reasons (why you aren’t writing right now)’


Here’s a blurb from the website:

“I would write more, but I’m just too busy”
“I only really write when I’m travelling or in the midst of a crisis, which hasn’t happened in a while”
“I like the idea of writing, but my work never feels good enough to continue”

‘Six Reasons’ is designed to make you feel good about the writer you already are, and to let go of your judgments around the writer you aren’t. Through short audio workshops, tiny projects, and radical permission slips, you will have the chance to identify your blocks and work with them, to move towards the creative life you deeply want.

Sounds amazing, am I right? Sounds perfect for you? Absolutely.

How to enter the contest:

Leave a comment below describing your favourite (or most active) writing block and I’ll choose one lucky winner (this Friday!) to receive this brand new sparkly e-class in their inbox. Just in time for the weekend.

I already have an arbitrary number in my head, folks, so get writing!

Need a prompt?

“One reason I don’t write is …”

Wishing you love and luck and kindness,



If you don’t end up winning (even though I really really really want you to) but you still want to take the class — or think it’s perfect for a friend — check this page for more information on how to order.


Quote Of The Month:

“We are the products of editing, rather than of authorship."

– George Wald

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