The Communications Distillery is so proud that it wants to show off some of the amazing people that it gets to work with on a Доставка цветов в Тамбове. These creative and inspiring entrepreneurs offer services and courses that will better your business as well as your self. If you have a moment or two, check out these incredible folks below:



Helen is a writing/editing/proofreading rock star. She’s incredibly keen and caring about her work, exceptionally responsive, fast and whip-smart. I adore the experience of working with her – it’s a total pleasure. [Her] glorious attention to detail, super prompt responses, and all-round awesomeness with words and grammar make her my favourite writing and proofreading support in the city. I can’t recommend her more highly.” 

~ Carrie Klassen, Pink Elephant Communications


“I had The Communications Distillery edit the manuscript for an e-class recently and I was joyfully surprised over and over by her patience, attention to detail, and level of support. Helen’s revisions were bang-on, and she delivered them in such a way that made me smile & laugh. She made grammar fun! My class now reads smoothly, and I enjoyed every step of the process. I’d hire her again in a second.”

~ Chris Kay Fraser, Firefly Creative Writing


“Helen is a writing genius – I have hired Helen on more than one occasion and she has helped me to develop, tailor and fine-tune a variety of publications for my business.  She makes the process simple, easy and effortless [‘joyous effort’].  She is quick, effective and efficient and combines this with highly creative writing solutions – such a beautiful combination.  Most of all, Helen is such a joy to work with; like a breath of fresh air.  I highly recommend Helen for any business writing you may need. I guarantee you will be back again.”

~ Paula Pyne, Uplift! Consulting


“Sometimes, when I sit down to write something for my business, I get a little nervous. What if people don’t understand me or take what I’m trying to say the wrong way? It’s so important to say what you mean and mean what you say. When I need someone to look over something before I send it out into the world or when I just don’t know where to start on a project, Helen can always help. It’s such a relief to me that she’s just an email away. Helen makes any task involving words seem easy and her suggestions always manage to make me sound clever and witty even when I’m having an ‘off’ day’.” 

~ Andrea Deal, Teetoo


“Working with Helen was such a pleasure! I was really struggling with getting just the right headline that captured my work and complemented my website content. She intuitively understood what I wanted to convey and, with breakneck speed, provided thoughtful, on the mark ideas, and feedback. Not only was I impressed with her fabulous talent, responsiveness, and creativity, but her warmth, sensitivity, and caring nature were equally impactful. I felt held the entire time I was working with her. I highly recommend Helen for any writing project!”

~ Rachel Katz, The Urban Spirit

Awww, shucks.  More testimonials to come … maybe yours?

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~Toni Morrison

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