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A little while ago, I asked my Facebook friends for their best brownie recipes. What turned up was the easiest, most delicious brownie ever! If you’re a fan of dense and chewy brownies, this is the one for you.

I liked this recipe so much that I started making brownies unnaturally often. So often, in fact, that they became a staple in our household. Every other night was a new pan of the loveliest chocolatiest brownies with that paper-thin crust…mmmmmmm…it was bad. I shrugged off this new habit with the excuse that since I’m breastfeeding our adorable (read: sleepless) daughter, I’m kind of eating for two.

You know when you discover something so good that your life is no longer the same?

Something so amazing that you almost wish you never knew about it in the first place? For me, this usually revolves around something chocolatey: deep fried chocolate bars, quick chocolate fudge, and…wait for it…my new favourite brownies in mini-cupcake tins. What?! Yes, it’s true.

Here’s the proof: brownies


You see, this recipe came about because Deb, the Smitten Kitchen Writer, Cook, Photographer, and Occasional Dishwasher, has a child who doesn’t (didn’t?) sleep. He went down for 40-minute naps…tops. Now not that parenting is any kind of competition but I think Deb was lucky. I spend a good chunk of my day convincing aforementioned delightful offspring into semi-sleep. She’s down for 15-minutes, sometimes as much as a half hour. Those half hour sleeps are precious in this house; I work hard for them and when they arrive, they feel like borrowed time I can use to delight my senses. They feel sinful. Delectable. Sexy. So what do I do? I make brownies.

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With the 40-minute recipe, I was making them over the course of a day (i.e. over multiple naps) but…using mini cupcake tins, I cut the cooking time in half (14 minutes if you’re gonna make them) and tah-dah! actual one-nap brownies. Seriously seriously good one-nap brownies.

Now for the even-better-part…my darling gluten-free friends, this recipe works just as well using Bob’s GF All-Purpose Flour. Whoa. Rock your world or what?

* Warning: the bitesize-ability of these gems makes them too good to keep.


So, what does this have to do with writing?

Not much, except that brownies make me happy and happiness helps me write.

If you make these, let me know how they turned out by leaving a comment below.


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